qx_utilities.general.fidl.join_fidl_folder(concfolder, fidlfolder=None, outfolder=None, fidlname=None)#

join_fidl_folder concfolder=<folder_with_concfiles> [fidlfolder=<folder_with_fidl_files>] [outfolder=<folder_in_which_to_save_joint_files>] [fidlname=<folder_with_fidl_files>]

Uses join_fidl to join all the fidl files that match the name of each conc file in the concfolder.


--concfolder (str):

The folder with conc files.

--fidlfolder (str, default detailed below):

The folder with fidl files, defaults to concfolder if not provided.

--outfolder (str, default detailed below):

The folder in which the joint files should be saved, defaults to fidlfolder if not provided.

--fidlname (str, default ''):

Folder with fidl files.


qunex join_fidl_folder \
    --concfolder=concs \