qx_mri.general.general_qa_concfile(file, doIt, target)#

general_qa_concfile(file, doIt, target)

Computes the specified statistics on images specified in the conc file and saves them to the target file.


--file (str):

The conc file that specifies the images.

--do (str, default 'm,sd'):

A string specifying what statistics to compute.

--target (str, default ''):

The root name for the files to save the results to.



An array of nimage objects with the resulting images, one volume for each file. The volumes are in the order of files in the conc file. The objects are in the order of statistics specified.


A cell array of statistics done.


The function reads the conc file and then runs img_stats(doIt) on each of the files. It saves the results for each of the statistics in a separate file named <target>.<stat>.<relevant extension>. If no target is specified no files will be saved.


qunex general_qa_concfile \
    --file='OP337.conc' \
    --do='m,sd,min,max' \