qx_utilities.general.fidl.check_fidl(fidlfile=None, fidlfolder='.', plotfile=None, allcodes=None)#

check_fidl [fidlfile=] [fidlfolder=.] [plotfile=] [allcodes=false]

Prints figures showing fidl events and their duration.


--fidlfile (str, default detailed below):

The path to the fidl file to plot. By default all the fidl files in the folder if none specified.

--fidlfolder (str, default '.'):

The folder from which to plot the fidl files.

--plotfile (str, optional):

The name of the file to save the plot to. Only makes sense if fidlfile is specified.

--allcodes (bool, default False):

Whether to plot line for all fidl codes even if no event has a particular code.


qunex check_fidl \