Visualizing data via CIFTI templates#

CIFTI montage scene file#

To consistently visualize CIFTI data via a combined surface-volume view we provide a CIFTI scene montage file that uses the Connectome Workbench and a few associated files. These can be located inside the QuNex library repository: ~/$QUNEXPATH/library/data/atlases/HCP/HCP_S1200_GroupAvg_v1_QuNex/Surface_Volume_Montage_Template.scene

DO NOT edit the scene in the QuNex repository. Rather, note that you can find a ZIP file for the scene:


If extracted this ZIP file can be placed in a different location for purposes of a new study visualization.

CIFTI Template

T1w and T2w subcortical visualization templates#

When displaying volume / subcortical data of CIFTI files, the underlying templates are somewhat challenging to interpret, as they show the whole volume and it is difficult to know which parts were actually tested in a statistical analysis.

To help with this visualization, inside the QuNex library repository (qx_library) you can locate T1w and T2w 0.7mm resolution structural images in which non-subcortical parts of the image are attenuated in intensity to highlight subcortical areas, which should be the focus when visualizing CIFTI data (~/$QUNEXPATH/qx_library/data/atlases/HCP/subcortex)

The images come in two versions, with background attenuated for 40 and 60%. The images are named T1w_subcortical_07mm_o40.nii.gz, T2w_subcortical_07mm_o40.nii.gz, T1w_subcortical_07mm_o60.nii.gz, and T2w_subcortical_07mm_o60.nii.gz.

An example of how a subcortical template looks like in wb_view is provided below.

Subcortical Template