qx_mri.general.general_parcellated2dense(inimg, outimg, verbose, missingvalues)#

general_parcellated2dense(inimg, outimg, verbose, missingvalues)

Expands the parcelated file to a dense file


--inimg (str):

A path to the image to expand.

--outimg (str, default inimg):

An optional path where the expanded image is to be saved. If not provided, the specified inimg path is used.

--verbose (bool, default false):

Should it report the details.

--missingvalues (str, default '0'):

What value should be used in case of missing values (numeric or NaN) provided as a string.



A dense cifti nimage image object.


This method is used to expand a parcellated cifti data file to a cifti dense data file based on the information stored in cifti metatada.