qx_mri.stats.stats_ttest_zero(dfile, output, exclude, verbose)#

stats_ttest_zero(dfile, output, exclude, verbose)

Computes t-test against zero and saves specified results.


--dfile (str):

The data file to work on - either a single image or a conc file.

--output (str, default 'metpz'):

The type of results to save:

  • 'm' ... mean value for each voxel

  • 'e' ... standard error for each voxel

  • 't' ... t-value for each voxel

  • 'p' ... p-value for each voxel

  • 'z' ... Z-score for each voxel.

--exclude (int, default ''):

Values to be excluded from computation.

--verbose (bool, default false):

Whether to report each step.