qx_mri.general.general_compute_bold_list_stats(flist, target, store, scrub, verbose)#

general_compute_bold_list_stats(flist, target, store, scrub, verbose)

Computes BOLD run per frame statistics and scrubbing information for a list of sessions.


--flist (str):

Path to a list text file providing a list of sessions' image or conc files:

  • session id:<session_id>

  • roi:<path to the individual's brain segmentation file>

  • file:<path to a bold file - one bold file per line>.

--target (str, default ''):

Path to the folder to save results into. By default this location is set to where bold image is. If 'none' is used, the results are not saved in an external file.

--store (str, default ''):

Specifies how to store the data:

  • 'same': in the same file,

  • '<ext>': new file with extension,

  • '': no img file.

--scrub (str, default ''):

Specifies whether and how to compute scrubbing information, e.g. 'pre:1|post:1|fd:4|ignore:udvarsme'.

--verbose (bool, default false):

Whether to report on progress or not.


The function calls general_compute_bold_stats on each of the bolds for each of the sessions specified in the list file. Please see general_compute_bold_stats for more detailed information. If arguments are left empty, the defaults in general_compute_bold_stats will be used.