qx_mri.fc.fc_segment_mri(flist, smask, tmask, mask, root, options, verbose)#

fc_segment_mri(flist, smask, tmask, mask, root, options, verbose)

Segments the voxels in smask based on their connectivity with tmask ROI. Uses WTA to select the region the voxel is most correlated with.


--flist (str):

A .list file information on sessions bold runs and segmentation files.

--smask (str):

A .names file for source mask definition.

--tmask (str):

A .names file for target mask roi definition.

--mask (int | logical | vector, default ''):

Either number of frames to omit or a mask of frames to use.

--root (str, default ''):

The root of the filename where results are to be saved. If no root is specified, the root of the flist is used.

--options (str, default 'raw'):

Whether to use 'raw', 'absolute' or 'partial' correlations.

--verbose (str, default 'none'):

Whether to report the progress 'full', 'script', 'none'.

Output files

  • <root>_corr_roi

    Correlations of each session with the target roi.

  • <root>_segs

    Segmentations for each session.

  • <root>_scorr

    Final segmentation and probabilities of segmentation for each target ROI across the group.

  • <root>_gseg

    Final segmentation based on group mean correlations.


Use the function to segment voxels specified in smask roi file based on the correlation with ROI specifed in the tmask file. Each voxel is assigned the code of the target ROI it most correlates with. For more information see img_fcmri_segment() nimage method.


qunex fc_segment_mri \
    --flist='con.list' \
    --smask='thalamus.names' \
    --tmask='yeo7.names' \
    --mask=0 \
    --root='Th-yeo-seg' \
    --options='partial' \