qx_utilities.processing.fsl.fsl_melodic(sinfo, sessions, options, overwrite=False, thread=0)#

fsl_melodic [... processing options]

This command executes FSL's melodic command line tool for ICA decomposition.


--batchfile (str, default ''):

The batch.txt file with all the sessions information.

--sessions (str, default ''):

A list of sessions to process.

--sessionsfolder (str, default '.'):

The path to the study/sessions folder, where the imaging data is supposed to go.

--logfolder (str, default ''):

The path to the folder where runlogs and comlogs are to be stored, if other than default.

--input_files (str, default ''):

A list of input files to run melodic on. These files can be located in the session folder, QuNex will iterate over sessions and use all of the listed files for all provided sessions. Can also be a list of absolute paths without sessions. If multiple files are provided, they should be separated by commas, e.g. "bold1,bold2".

--melodic_extra_args (str, default ''):

Additional arguments to pass to melodic. All arguments need to be provided as a single literal string, e.g. "--ICs=melodic_IC --mix=melodic_mix".


qunex fsl_melodic \
    --input_files="bold1,bold2" \
    --sessionsfolder="/data/qunex_study/sessions" \

qunex fsl_melodic \
    --input_files="bold1,bold2" \
    --sessionsfolder="/data/qunex_study/sessions" \
    --sessions="OP207,OP208" \
    --melodic_extra_args="--ICs=melodic_IC --mix=melodic_mix"