qx_mri.fc.fc_compute_seedmaps_multiple(flist, roiinfo, inmask, options, targetf, method, ignore, cv)#

fc_compute_seedmaps_multiple(flist, roiinfo, inmask, options, targetf, method, ignore, cv)

Computes seed based correlations maps for individuals as well as group maps.


--flist (str):

A .list file of session information, or a well strucutured string (see general_read_file_list).

--roinfo (str):

An ROI file.

--inmask (matrix | string, default ''):

Either an array mask defining which frames to use (1) and which not (0) or an event string specifying the events and frames to extract.

--options (str, default ''):

A string defining which session files to save:

  • r - save map of correlations

  • f - save map of Fisher z values

  • cv - save map of covariances

  • z - save map of Z scores

  • [] - no files are saved.

--targetf (str, default '.'):

The folder to save images in.

--method (str, default 'mean'):

Method for extracting timeseries - 'mean' or 'pca'.

--ignore (str, default 'no'):

Do we omit frames to be ignored:

  • no - do not ignore any additional frames

  • event - ignore frames as marked in .fidl file

  • other - the column in ∗_scrub.txt file that matches bold file to be used for ignore mask.

--cv (bool, default false):

Whether covariances should be computed instead of correlations.

Output files

Function saves the following group files:


average Fz over all the sessions


average Fz converted back to Pearson r


p values converted to Z scores based on t-test testing if Fz over session differ significantly from 0 (two-tailed)


Fz values of all the participants


average covariance


covariances of all the participants.


The function computes seedmaps for the specified ROI and saves group results as well as any specified individual results.


qunex fc_compute_seedmaps_multiple \
    --flist='con.list' \
    --roinfo='DMN.names' \
    --inmask=0 \
    --targetf=mean \
    --method=udvarsme \