qx_utilities.general.palm.create_ws_palm_design(factors=None, nsubjects=None, root=None)#

create_ws_palm_design factors=<factor string> nsubjects=<number of subjects> root=<design root name>

Prepares the design file.


--factors (str):

A comma separated list of number of factor levels.

--nsubjects (int):

Number of subjects.

--root (str, default 'wspalm'):

Root name for the created files.


create_ws_palm_design prepares the design file, t-contrasts, f-contrasts and exchangebility block files for a single group within-subject PALM designs. It supports full factorial designs with up to three factors.

The function assumes the data to be organized by subject and the first specified factor to be the slowest varying one. The factors, their interactions and subject intercepts will be specified in the following order in the design matrix:

  1. factor design:

    F1, subjects
  2. factor design:

    F1, F2, F1*F2, subjects
  3. factor design:

    F1, F2, F3, F1*F2, F1*F3, F2*F3, F1*F2*F3, subjects
  4. factor design:

    F1, F2, F3, F4, F1*F2, F1*F3, F1*F4, F2*F3, F2*F4, F3*F4, F1*F2*F3,
    F1*F2*F4, F2*F3*F4, F1*F2*F3*F4, subjects

t-tests will be specified in order and f-tests will be specified in the same order as above.


qunex create_ws_palm_design \
    --factors="2,3" \
    --nsubjects=33 \