qx_mice.process_mice.map_mice_data(sinfo, options, overwrite=False, thread=0)#

map_mice_data [... processing options]

Runs the command to prepare a QuNex study for mice preprocessing.


Preprocessed mica data is required.


--batchfile (str, default ''):

The batch.txt file with all the sessions information.

--sessionsfolder (str, default '.'):

The path to the study/sessions folder, where the imaging data is supposed to go.

--bolds (str, default ''):

Which bold images to process. You can select bolds through their number, name or task (e.g. rest), you can chain multiple conditions together by providing a comma separated list.

--parsessions (int, default 1):

How many sessions to run in parallel.

--parelements (int, default 1):

How many elements (e.g. bolds) to run in parallel.

--overwrite (str, default 'no'):

Whether to overwrite target files that already exist (yes) or not (no).

--logfolder (str, default ''):

The path to the folder where runlogs and comlogs are to be stored, if other than default.

--log (str, default 'keep'):

Whether to keep ('keep') or remove ('remove') the temporary logs once jobs are completed. When a comma or pipe ('|') separated list is given, the log will be created at the first provided location and then linked or copied to other locations. The valid locations are:

Output files

The results of this step will be present in the functional folder in the sessions's root:

└─ sessions
├─ session1
|  └─ functional
└─ session2
    └─ functional


qunex map_mice_data \
  --sessionsfolder="/data/mice_study/sessions" \