qx_utilities.bash.parcellate_anat(sessionsfolder, session, inputdatatype, parcellationfile, outname, overwrite, extractdata)#


This function implements parcellation on the dense cortical thickness OR myelin files using a whole-brain parcellation (e.g. Glasser parcellation with subcortical labels included).


--sessionsfolder (str):

Path to study data folder.

--session (str):

Comma separated list of sessions to run.

--inputdatatype (str):

Specify the type of dense data for the input file (e.g. MyelinMap_BC or corrThickness).

--parcellationfile (str):

Specify the absolute path of the ∗.dlabel file you want to use for parcellation.

--outname (str):

Specify the suffix output name of the pconn file.

--overwrite (str):

Delete prior run for a given session ('yes' / 'no').

--extractdata (flag):

Specify if you want to save out the matrix as a CSV file.


Run directly via:

${TOOLS}/${QUNEXREPO}/bash/qx_utilities/ \
    --<parameter1> \
    --<parameter2> \
    --<parameter3> ... \

NOTE: --scheduler is not available via direct script call.

Run via:

qunex parcellate_anat \
    --<parameter1> \
    --<parameter2> \
    --<parameter3> ... \

NOTE: scheduler is available via qunex call:


A string for the cluster scheduler (e.g. LSF, PBS or SLURM) followed by relevant options.

For SLURM scheduler the string would look like this via the qunex call:

qunex parcellate_anat \
    --sessionsfolder='<folder_with_sessions>' \
    --session='<case_id>' \
    --inputdatatype='MyelinMap_BC' \
    --parcellationfile='<dlabel_file_for_parcellation>' \
    --overwrite='no' \
    --extractdata='yes' \